Trading Basics

9 Trading Mistakes You Should Avoid

The benefits of social trading are many, the two most important being (in my opinion): 1) the fact that you can learn from the experience of others and contribute your own ideas and insights and 2) the possibility to copy successful traders. The second benefit is especially valuable, since it helps us sleep at night even with such unpredictable markets out there, because we trust our trading heroes know what they are doing.

Find out What Type of Trader You Are

It is very easy to make the decision to become a trader, but understanding what type of trader you are or would like to be is something that you will only be able to discover with time and experience. Listed below are a number of trading strategies, which will help you determine what type of trader you are and what trading style would suit you the most.

How to Become a Social Trading PRO!

Social trading brings the new way of trading and investing with the help of community generated trading and financial content, as well as the knowledge of experienced traders. With this revolutionary way of trading and investing, financial markets are now available to everybody who wants to be in charge of managing their funds. Everybody can now take over control of the personal investments, comparing to the traditional trading where complex nature of trading and lack of possibilities for gaining practical knowledge without taking much risk made it inaccessible for most without a huge amount of time and money to learn and understand trading.

Build Your Trading Attitude: Set Your Mind to Help You Win!

Trading skills are important in order to make any investment or trade successful. The process is not always easy for everyone and requires experience and patience. The very process of acquiring these skills requires you to build an attitude and focus on learning the tact. This process of learning can subject you to various up’s and down’s in life, so it is always advisable to start off within your means of risk baring. Markets today are very volatile and unpredictable, trading in stock might seem a very easy task but the skills required to make the very task profitable are obstinately difficult to immediately acquire.

More on Trading Basics

5 Trading Psychology Books You Should Read before You Join the Big League

For new traders or beginners it is advisable to read some very valuable information providing books on building a psychology to be a successful trader. These don’t guarantee you any profit but helps you instead to build a mindset of a successful trader (which is by far even more important).

Top 7 Books to help you Successfully Trade Stocks

This would be an answer every stock investor or trader would be looking forward to learn from. Obviously if you want to learn from the pros, you might not certainly get to speak to them in person. However an interesting idea...

How to Read Trading Charts

Traders generally use trading charts as an effective tool to track the stock markets and in the process anticipate price movements of stocks or instruments they choose to invest in. Trading Charts are very informative and come with a lot of information based on the volumes, yields, price levels, highs, lows and a lot of valuable historic data.

Getting Started: How to Choose Your Trading Instrument

To think of it, becoming a trader is a relatively easy choice, but choosing a trading instrument is very difficult. While placing your bet on selecting a trading instrument you must keep in mind two very important factors. The capital you have at your disposal and the volatility within the very instrument of trade. It is these two factors that help you choose the trading instrument that suits you best.