Below are answers to the most frequent questions. If you have a question that is not answered, we would love to hear from you.

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01 Fund Your Account

How do I deposit to my trading account?

Enter your Username and Password in the "Login" screen. Once you are logged in you should click on "Fund Your Account" and then select the “Deposit” option. Choose the means with which you intend to deposit money from the list and fill in the details. For more information on funding your account, please read the full guide.

How do I Deposit via a Credit Card?

To do this you should go to “Fund your account”, click on the “Credit Card” button and choose the “Credit Card deposit” option. There you will need to fill in the Credit Card deposit form, which requires following:

  • Name
  • Credit Card number
  • Expiration date
  • CVV number (Card Verification Value) usually on the back of the card

After the deposit has been processed and approved it will appear in your trading account. On the off chance that the deposit is not approved, an email notification will be sent to you in a matter of minutes.

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit for your trading account is dependent on the country that you live in. You can fund your account using a Credit or Debit card and other payment methods. If you are making a deposit of $500 or more you can use wire transfer. Please contact us at info@tradecrowd.com.

We are also offering 20% bonus on your first deposit.

How do I deposit by PayPal?

We currently don’t support Pay Pal but are looking into adding it soon.

02 Withdraw Funds

How can I withdraw funds from my account?

Enter your Username and Password in the “Login” screen. Once you are logged in you should click on Settings icon in the top right corner and then choose the “Funds Management” option. Fill in the form and enter the amount you wish to withdraw (minimum withdrawal amount is $20).

For more information on withdrawing funds, please read the full guide.

Does TradeCrowd charge withdrawal fees?

No. It’s your money and we feel we don’t want to charge you withdrawal fees. In some instances where a large number of withdrawals has been requested we will contact you to discuss options to optimise the process before issuing withdrawals.

Are withdrawals instant?

Yes, subject to usual banking processing times which is around 3-5 business days.

03 Verifying Your Account

When will I need to verify my account?

As we operate under FCA regulation, we have to verify your identity before you are allowed to trade or deposit money. We use an automatic ID verification service in jurisdictions where we operate. In majority cases we are able to seamlessly proceed with the account opening and you should be able to start trading right away.

In some instances where automatic ID verification service is unavailable you will be asked to upload a proof of your identity e.g. a government issued ID, such as passport, ID card or driving licence, and a proof of your address e.g. a utility bill, a bank statement. We aim to complete manual ID verification in few hours and will keep you informed by email.

04 Contact Us

How can I contact TradeCrowd?

If your question is not answered, feel free to send us a note on our Contact Us page. We would love to hear from you!

05 Bonuses & Rewards

Do you offer trading bonuses?

We have a welcoming First Deposit Bonus and we plan to have more offers in the near future.

06 Practice/Demo Account

How can I open a Practice / Demo account?

We plan to offer demo accounts in the near future to help you practice before you take the plunge with the real trading account.

07 Social Trading

How many followers do I have?

To view this type of information just go to your profile, by clicking on menu Me in the top left corner. There you can see “followers” and "following" tabs with both your followers and the traders that you are following.

08 Account Types

How can I upgrade my account?

All our customers have the same level of service. We strive to give everyone equal opportunities. In accordance with this policy, we allow everyone to trade in all instruments and the same conditions apply for all.

09 Why TradeCrowd?

Why should I trade with TradeCrowd?

TradeCrowd is a real-time trading network that connects you to the latest market information, trading ideas, opinions and news about instruments you find interesting.

Founded in 2013 in London, TradeCrowd is aiming to bring together first time traders with recreational and top traders on an exclusive trading platform.

Simply find the traders or instruments you find most compelling and follow the conversations before making your trading decision!

10 Trading

What is Stop Loss?

A Stop-Loss is a type of order that is used to minimise losses in situations where the market moves in the opposite way than you expected.

It typically involves closing an open long position when the market reaches a lower level, or closing an open short position when the market reaches a higher level.

What is Take Profit?

A Take-Profit is a type of order that is used to lock-in profits in situations where the market moves in your desired direction.

What are Pips?

A “pip” refers to a single unit of measurement of the movement of one currency in relation to another. Presenting values in “pips” enables us to more clearly discuss differences in prices, and profit and loss, in Forex trades.

What is Leverage?

Leverage refers to the ability to control a large notional exposure with only a limited amount of capital. Learn more about Leverage.

What is Margin?

Margin is the minimum amount of funds required in order to open a position. It serves as security against potential losses.

What is “Available to trade” on my Account Balance?

“Available to trade” are the funds that are available to be used for opening new positions.

What is “Account balance” on my Account Balance?

“Account balance” is the amount of money that you would have in your account if you liquidate all your open positions at the current prevailing market prices.

What is “Margin Account” on my Account Balance?

“Margin Account” shows the total amount of funds we hold as security for all your open positions. As you close your open positions, any margin funds held as security, will be release back to your account.

What is “Profit” on my Account Balance?

“Profit” is the profit-and-loss from your currently open positions. If “Profit” is positive your open trades are making a profit. If “Profit” is negative your open trades are making a loss.

An example for Account Balance

Available to trade: $900 (funds available for opening new positions)

Account balance: $1180 (the sum of Available to trade, Margin account and Profit)

Margin account: $45 (the funds reserved for open positions)

Profit: $235 (profit or loss from current open positions)

11 Market Hours

What are the market hours?

Different markets have different opening hours. Forex instruments trade 24/5 from Sunday 21.05 GMT to Friday 20.30 GMT. For more information, please refer to our Market Information Sheets.

12 Trading Fees

Does TradeCrowd charge overnight/rollover fees?

Liquidity providers charge all brokers overnight finance fees so we pass this cost to you for the service we provide. When you keep a position open overnight, we will make an adjustment to your account. Don’t forget, when you leave a position open over the weekend, you will be charged for holding the position open on Saturday and Sunday.

13 Copy trade

What is Copy Trade?

At the moment, we offer you the ability to copy trades executed by other clients, by clicking on the “Copy Trade” button within your Activity Stream. A trading window will open up, with the main trading variables reflecting the original trade, pre-filled for you.

Do you offer automatic Copy Trade functionality?

Traders can copy trades from other traders once they appear on the activity timeline. At the moment we don’t offer automatic Copy Trade functionality, but plan to launch it in the very near future. We would love to hear your thoughts on what you consider the best way to copy trades.

14 Troubleshooting

I have a problem with logging in.

We suggest you first close your browser, clean cache and try to login again. If it does not work try using a different browser. If this has also failed then you can contact us to talk to our support team by filling a form by clicking here.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

Click on the "Forgot your password" link under the login window. Then fill in your registration email (use only the email you used to register with) and the password will be sent directly to that email.

How do I contact TradeCrowd support team?

To contact our support team please click here to fill in Contact Us form.

Where can I find the TradeCrowd help page?

You are reading the TradeCrowd help page. If your question is not answered we love to hear from you. We have Contact Us page and you can see it by clicking here.

What should I do if my Firewall is blocking my Login?

This shouldn’t happen. To contact our support team please click here to fill in Contact Us form.

15 FAQ about TradeCrowd

Where is TradeCrowd regulated?

TradeCrowd is an appointed representative of an FCA regulated entity in London and as such we follow the FCA rule-book.

Can I connect my existing broker account to TradeCrowd?

To create a safe and enjoyable trading and social experience the FCA rules require us to verify identity of every trader. So to get the full benefit of TradeCrowd, traders need to open a new account with TradeCrowd. However, you can use your Facebook and Twitter credentials to create TradeCrowd account.

What is TradeCrowd light registration?

Our light registration lets you experience TradeCrowd without going through the full ID verification process. We will have to verify your identity to allow you to deposit funds and trade.

Why do I have to send documents to you when I only want to open an account in a Social Trading Network?

Since we are a regulated broker with an integrated social trading network, a real trading account is required, and as part of the account opening process we need to verify your identity and address.

Is it necessary to open real account at TradeCrowd?

If you would like to trade, follow other traders and join the conversation, you will need real account.

Does TradeCrowd support MT4?

No, TradeCrowd is an integrated web based trading platform.